Frequently Asked Questions
How do I pay for the leads?
After getting a quote, you sign up and add your credit card information. You will be billed every 25 or 50 leads. The paying amount comes out from the number of leads you have received multiplied by the quoted fee.
How do I stop paying for my leads?
Simply log in to your account and press the button “Stop receiving leads”. You will be billed with the leads generated up to the moment you pressed this button.
When do I receive the leads?
Immediately, when the customer completes the form in the landing page we designed for you.
Can I promote any products/services?
No, we do not promote anything featuring gambling, drugs, pornography, or abusive content. Read our Terms of Service for further details. And we only provide leads for BTC products/services
Do you provide BTC and BTB Leads?
No, we only provide leads for BTC businesses.
Do you promote product/services in any country?
We promote products/services in most countries. Xetica LLC being a US company, we DO NOT promote products/services from sanctioned persons, entities, or in sanctioned countries. Please refer to: https://goo.gl/Ukuxig for more specific details.
How do you get the leads?
We get them exclusively through online advertising. We advertise mainly in Google and Facebook. A person sees an advertisement, clicks on it, gets to our client’s landing page, completes a form and the data goes immediately to our client’s inbox.
Do you share your clients leads?
NO. That is against our policy, our principles and our clients’ interests. However, you should bear in mind that a user might fill a form for a physician and also for a bank services provider. In this case, the same lead/contact will be received for two of our clients.

Do you use our Facebook page to advertise?
Yes, we use ONLY our clients’ FB pages to advertise their products/services on Facebook. Depending on the budget, this can generate a large number of comments and direct messages within our client’s Facebook pages. We strongly recommend replying to those comments and messages as soon as possible.
Do you charge for the leads generated within Facebook?
No, we just charge for the leads you receive through direct e-mails sent by us. All the leads you will get on your Facebook page are part of our service. They are free of charge.
Why should I choose Xetica instead of a regular marketing agency?
If you want to get involved in optimizing your web page, generate content for it and for your social network and your are also interested in branding, you should probably hire a regular marketing agency. But if you just want to increase sales without all the fuss, that’s what we are here for.
Do I have to pay for the landing pages?
No, they are free of charge.
How many landing pages do you build?
We build at least one. But we may build as many as we consider necessary to efficiently get the leads. Upon your approval of each landing page, we will begin promoting it. 
Who provides the text/communication for the landing pages?
You, our client. We build the lay-out and we count on with many, many stock images, we also suggest the content, but no one knows your products/services better than you do.
If you cannot get us any leads, do we have to pay any fees?
No, the risk is ours. We are confident we are going to get your leads.
Do you build landing pages in any language?
Yes. Consider that you, our client, have to provide the text. We love Google Translate, but we believe it may be unreliable for effective business communications. If you want us to promote products/services in languages other than English or Spanish, you will be asked to provide us with the text/info for the landing pages and for the ads (headline, content, text for the buttons, etc.)
Do you charge for invalid or duplicate e-mails?
No, our system automatically subtracts invalid and duplicate e-mails. Nevertheless, please bear in mind that it is not possible to detect typos. Fortunately, these account for less than 1% of all e-mails. You may actually receive a duplicate email -a request from the same person- every two months. Remarketing is one of the most powerful tools available. 
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